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two or more people working together to create or achieve something.


the process of making something possible or easier.


the process of making work together and achieving something, possible or easier for people.

Collaboration facilitation

We help you approach your most important moments in any special project or regular business operation in an effective and collaborative way.

Collaboration facilitation process

How we can facilitate your collaboration?

We design and facilitate co-creation sessions that connect people and context, enable leaders and teams to play in level playing field, and support agile way of working across organization. We have pre-designed and custom sessions, as well as bespoke facilitation support.

Predesigned Team Alignment Sessions

3 hour sessions for every team or project development stage that save hundreds of emails and phone calls

For regular realignment for teams or groups


See at a glance what is your team current workload and quickly adjust priorities to meet strategic goals.


Remove stress and overload with collective action plan that fits your capabilities and calendar.

For new or stuck teams or groups


Start new or re-ignite old deep human connection in your team by hearing and capturing stories.


Flip difficulties into exciting possibilites and motivate the whole team to take action andmove forward.

For teams or groups that need more clarity


Co-create clear and strong mental picture of the result you want to achieve as a team.


Set clear objectives, agree on key results, brainstorm initiatives and assignresponsibilities.

For teams or groups that want to innovate


Articulate inspirational chellenge questions and generate large number of ideas for your new products, services, plans or initiatives.


Test your ideas with carefully designedeperiments that fit your team and your audience needs.

Custom Sessions

In couple of hours or days of structured and facilitated session you can align people’s minds and hearts and agree on the path that sets you up for success in a long run.


Involve everyone from top to bottom into co-creation of the strategy to ensure ownership and commitment when it comes to execution.


Bring critical stakeholders into super focus on specific challenge. In five days we articulate the challenge, generate ideas, create prototypes and test them with users.

Bespoke facilitation support

Have your own idea how can we support you? Please let us know by clicking the button bellow.

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Why do you need collaboration facilitation?

The 21st century brought unprecedented advancements in technology, connectivity, and diversity. that should help people work better together, but still time and money are wasted in bad meetings and everyone is drowning in tools and too much work. To solve collaboration problems leaders place too much focus on technology, workplace, or organisational structures, not on people's needs.

Facilitation capability puts focus on people and helps you identify what meetings are really needed, and how to design them for the people and context. When you have people who can facilitate collaboration you get psychologically safe and supportive environment that creates level playing field for all participants and high quality interaction and engagement that resolves conflicts and brings results fast.

When do you need collaboration facilitation?

Collaboration facilitation is important in any process that requires diverse group of people to come up with a desired result without being bound by the constraints of hierarchical structure.

This includes processes such as discovery, ideation, planning, team building, training and development, conflict resolution, or any other activity that requires bringing a group of people to gather to work things out and achieve specific results .

What is collaboration facilitation?

Colaboration facilitation is a balancing act in which facilitator focuses symultaneously on encouraging participants and buidling shared understanding (Wake) and driving the process to achieve the desired outcomes (Make).

If the facilitator focuses to much on encouraging participation, session might turn into an unregulated discussion that takes too much time without achieving anything meaningful. On the other hand, if the facilitator focuses too much on controlling the process, the participants might feel like their participation is stifled, thus making it harder to come up with the best solution.

Who facilitates collaboration?

Anyone can be a facilitator. You don’t need to hold any titles or have certain levels of experience in order to play the role of a facilitator. Being a good facilitator is a skill, and like most other skills, it can be learnt. But there are different levels of collaboration facilitation.

We learned that many leaders and managers strugle with facilitation, but some are comfortbale facilitating their teams in simple collaboration efforts that don’t require creative thinking, like team building or task planing. But if you want to facilitate collaboration for complex problem solving you need to have some other skills, like perspective coordination and contextual thinking.

On the other hand, leaving facilitation only to leaders and managers is proven to be difficult and not effective. Having someone who is not in the group’s leadership as a facilitator helps break down the constraints of hierarchical structure, thus making everyone feel more comfortable with sharing their opinions and ideas.

Use Cases

Team Alignment

Digital Transformation

Product/Service Innovation

Change Management

Workflow Optimization

Collaboration Coaching

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