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two or more people working together to create or achieve something.


the activity of providing support for people or preparing them for something.


the activity of providing support for people to work or achieve something better together.

Collaboration coaching

We help leaders transform the way they work so they can sustain the transformation of their teams.

Collaboration coaching

How do we coach you in collaboration?

We coach leaders (those who have a leadership role and those who take leadership actions) to bring people, processes, connectivity, technology, time, and place together and create most appropriate and effective way of working to carry out a particular task.

Leaders who are able to do this are contributing to creating adaptable and efficient organization that thrives in complex and unpredictable world of the 21st century.

WakeMake collaboration leaders are able to:

  • wake self-awareness and their own collaborative capacity

  • make connections with every team member and establish mutual trust

  • wake context and connect big picture for themselves and others

  • make sense by choosing, coordinating, and integrating most valuable perspectives

  • wake key insights from complex information, and share them in effective way

  • make interactions (meetings and workshops) engaging, efficient, and valuable

  • wake the path for high quality decisions and outcomes make technology and collaboration tools work for people, not other way around.

  • We offer group and individual coaching packages.

    Group packages are suitable for teams and groups who want to learn new skills. Our coaches provide specific training on behaviours, methods and tools needed for 21st century collaboration.

    Individual coaching packages are suited for leaders who want to work on a specific situational challenge or skill and preffer 1:1 support. Our coach as thinking partner helps leaders identify their learning goal, and ensure they implement new knowledge and skills in their context and real life situation. Goal of individual coaching is to remove obstacles, gain new skills, and enable individuals to support group transformation goals.

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    Why do you need collaboration coaching?

    You already know that collaboration is good but it is not easy to develp collaborative skills and adapt new collaboraiton technologies. Leaders are too often overwhelmed with managing projects and teams and they don’t have capacity to unlearn and relearn more effective ways of collaborating by them selves.

    Learning about collaboration, knowing what to do, and believing it's good doesn't mean much if you aren't doing it! You need to "learn by doing" and put positive practices in place that will lift the level of collaboration. This is what collaboration coaching does for you.

    When do you need collaboration coaching?

    Collaboration is a skill like anything else we learn to do; it's not second nature and isn't a given. If we want collaboration to be strong and impactful, then we need to learn what that means and build the skills to achieve it.

    What is collaboration coaching?

    Collaboration means different things to different people in different contexts. Collaboration coaching helps anyone who feels like a leader clarify how they percive collaboration in their context and identify areas they want to improve.

    Who needs collaboration coaching?

    21st century is an era of the knowledge worker, but most knowledge workers today have high education optimised for the industrial era. We spent years sitting in individual seats, taking our own notes, cramming knowledge by ourselves, and taking individual tests. We were not taught how to build on the ideas of others, seek feedback, manage conflict, coordinate different perspectives, and facilitate group problem solving—all critical collaboration skills.

    If you feel like you lack some of the above skills you need collaboration coaching.

    Use Cases

    Team Alignment

    Digital Transformation

    Product/Service Innovation

    Change Management

    Workflow Optimization

    Collaboration Coaching

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